New Years Resolutions 2016

Hello! I hope everybody has had a wonderful Christmas / holiday period and is ready for 2016. I do have some posts lined up about where I’ve been for the last month or so (spoilers, I was in Australia, and it was awesome), but seeing as it’s New Years Eve tomorrow I thought that I would share my resolutions for 2016.

I really like making New Years resolutions. I know that many people think that we shouldn’t need an excuse to make a fresh start, and I agree to some extent, but I think that making resolutions for the year to come is an important tradition. It gives us a chance to reflect fondly on the year we’ve just had, and to actively try to make the next one even better. Yes, we should always be trying to do that, but making an effort at the very start is just good practice.

For me, I’ve always managed to keep one resolution a year, although for the last two years, my resolution has been the same – to say yes to more things and to not worry so much about the consequences. I have stuck to these proudly, and it has ended up that 2014 and 2015, although sad in places, have been the most memorable and entertaining years of my life so far.

In 2016, I am going to attempt to be slightly more adult with what I want to achieve, but I am keeping the “Yes Year” aspect in my head as I go through them. Yes, I want to be successful and make a name for myself, but I still want to enjoy my life and have good times with the people I love.

Anyway, enough rambling, here are my resolutions for 2016:
1. Read 50 books.

2. Write 1 blog post a week.

3. Make 1 video a week.

4. Have 1 cultural experience a month.

5. Go to 1 judo class, 1 PT session, 1 fitness class and 1 park run a week.

6. Go to 1 flute lesson a week.

7. Visit 2 different countries.

8. Make notable progress in your career.

As you can see I only have 8 because I don’t want to over stretch myself or become upset if I don’t complete any. 8 is enough for now.

And, I fully intend to try and continue with these, even if I fail, I’m going to pick myself up and start again.

Now I just need to stuff all this chocolate in my face before Thursday.

Au revoir.


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