Moving To The City

I’ve been MIA for a while. Missing in action in many senses of the words, actually. Some stuff has happened with people who I thought were my friends that has left me questioning who actually cares about my well-being or not. Past emotions have come back to haunt me at the most inconvenient of times […]

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Deal With It

I took an accidental month long break from writing blogs because of several reasons. Reason number one was that I spent some time in Paris with my lovely friend Amy, which I will blog about soon. Reason number two is that I’ve been quite busy at work and in my social life that I just haven’t had […]

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Dublin: Shite In A Swing Swong

The evening before travelling to Ireland together, my friends and I decided to Google some Irish slang to use whilst we were there. Feeling like a shite in a swing swong means, apparently, having a hangover. Despite not actually having too bad a hangover at all over the three days we were there, I feel like this […]

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