Dublin: Shite In A Swing Swong

The evening before travelling to Ireland together, my friends and I decided to Google some Irish slang to use whilst we were there. Feeling like a shite in a swing swong means, apparently, having a hangover. Despite not actually having too bad a hangover at all over the three days we were there, I feel like this […]

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Australia, Part Three: Sydney

I visited Sydney with Chantal midway through my three week trip for two days and a night, and let me tell you, it was bloody hot. Of course the rest of Australia is hot. Melbourne was hot. Perth was supposed to be hot. Its a hot country. Maybe its because we spent a lot of time […]

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Australia, Part Two: Perth

Whilst the majority of my time in Australia was spent falling in love with Melbourne, I also had the opportunity to stay with another friend, my dads friend’s daughter Claire, in Perth, where she lives and works. Perth is a four hour flight from Melbourne, and I had the bright idea to try and get […]

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Australia, Part One: Melbourne

When we were eighteen, my friend Chantal’s parents decided to up and move, relocating to Australia and taking herself and her three brothers with them.  It was a change that was a long time coming, and we had plenty of time to prepare our goodbyes, but their leaving was difficult for all of us. I saw Chantal […]

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